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Rise in transgender reversals, says to surgeon at popular clinic 3rd October 2017

NHS saves sperm of transgender teenagers 1st October 2017

PROOF! Water Turns Frogs Gay 21st September 2017

Gov't concedes that £1bn deal with DUP needs approval of parliament 12th September 2017

Parents remove son from school in pupil gender row 11th September 2017

Union chiefs plot general strike to bring down PM 10th September 2017

The Transgender Agenda - Normalising Madness 9th September 2017

“My daughter has a gender!” Parents angry over introduction of gender neutral school uniforms 6th September 2017

Pediatric expert calls kindergarten transgender lesson ‘psychological abuse’ 29th August 2017

There Can Only Ever Be Two Genders, It’s Science: Ian Collins 31st August 2017

Girls offering sex for drugs and alcohol 20th February 2013

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